Build a Great Private Office With Movable Office Partitions

Build Great Private Offices Using Modular Walls

Build Great Private Offices Using Modular Walls

Most people know that they can build a flexible and movable office using cubicle walls or systems furniture.  Usually the cubicle walls are between 65″ and 80″ in height and create visual privacy but are not fully enclosed.   Did you know that you can build a great private office using floor to ceiling modular office partitions, too?  They are a great alternative to the standard dry wall, built in office.   Why?  Because these partitions can be moved and reused.  They come in wood, vinyl clad or glass and include locking doors, electrical outlets and light switches if you need them.  In the picture you will see an office that is under construction.  In this case we will add a modular ceiling to fully enclose the space but in most cases the product would go to the existing ceiling tile.  Note that the product is placed on top of the flooring so you don’t have to repair the carpet when you move the office.  Make sure that you look into this alternative if you need private offices in your space.


5 thoughts on “Build a Great Private Office With Movable Office Partitions

  1. I am glad to see partitions with the capability to go from the floor to the ceiling. My office is one of those that is not fully enclosed. Everyone can hear my conversations and I am interrupted by theirs. I would appreciate privacy to talk without everyone else hearing the conversation. I know my productivity would improve if I could decrease due the distraction caused by other conversations. Having at least one fully enclosed office is a must in the workplace.

  2. Joe,
    Even if you can’t talk your company into purchasing private offices for you and your co-workers, you might want to have them look into using these in small “huddle” rooms. Great way to get some privacy without having a private office. Kathie

  3. I am intereted in a small Movable Office Partition(s). I am moving into a 3500sqft warehouse with no office or bathroom. I was seaching for something like what you have to offer. The space I need is about 24ft X 24ft. Let me know a price on something like this. I need it to be basic, but with a door, and elec outlets. If you can add a windown opening along the front section where the door is located that would be great as well, price with and without. Shipping to 78586

  4. George,
    After reviewing your location, we noticed you are out of our Haworth territory. We are located in Michigan. I have located a couple of dealers that are in your territory below. One of them should be able to help you out.

    CSI Interiors
    4410 Dillion, Suite 40,
    Corpus Christi, TX 78415
    Ph: 512-882-3456 Fax: 512-855-4849
    ( Haworth )

    Business Interiors of Texas
    223 North Chaparral,
    Corpus Christi, TX 78415
    Ph: 512-882-3456 Fax: 512-855-4849 Haworth

    Thank you for inquiring.

  5. Hello – I would like more information on the unit listed on your front page.
    We would like to the price of the unit on the front page and we would like to know how the panels connect together.


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